Money Back Guarantee & Purchase Agreement

Seed and Sew courses purchased are viewable in your account for 12 months from the date of purchase, with the exception of the Newborn Sleep Guide which is viewable for 5 months. After that period of time, the course expires and will no longer be viewable in your account. Seed and Sew courses included in The Village Membership are viewable in your account as long as you maintain an active membership without outstanding charges due.

Refunds. There are no refunds available for The Village Membership. All of our resources are designed to empower you with the tools you need to support your child’s emotional development. If you feel that our courses did not provide you with the tools to meet the course-specific goals below, we will be happy to issue you a refund within 30 days of your purchase. Refunds are not available for calls purchased with courses or additionally after course purchase.

Resource Goals

  • Tiny Humans, Big Emotions: Through this video course and downloads, you will understand how to respond to your child’s big emotions to help calm their central nervous system and process emotions.
    Please note: This course does NOT guarantee that your child will not have big emotions or that they’ll express them in the way you desire.
  • It Starts with You: The Seed Guide to Reparenting Your Adult Self: Through this video course and downloads, you will understand that your past influences your present, how to build awareness of patterns and habits, and tools to cultivate the ability to respond with intention. Please note: This resource does NOT guarantee that you won’t have hard feelings or that you’ll always express them in the way you desire.
  • Seed Sleep 5m-23m and 2y-5y Classes: Through these video courses and booklets, you will have the tools you need to help your 5 month old-5 year old sleep through the night (10-12 hours with minimal or no night wakings) when you implement the sleep plan. Please note: This does not mean your child under 12 months will be sleeping through the night without waking to feed. This course involves allowing children to express their emotions and may include crying.
  • Newborn Sleep Guide: Through this video course and downloads, you will understand how to calm a fussy baby and set your days and nights up for success. Please note: This course does NOT guarantee that your baby will be sleeping a certain number of hours at any specific age.

In the event that these goals were not met while implementing our Resource(s) to the best of your ability, email our support team at [email protected] within the 30-day purchase window, and let us know you’d like a refund. Be prepared to forward your payment receipt and any other materials required by our support team. Please email us directly from your email account so that you can retain a record of your refund request. Refund requests must be emailed to [email protected] and not messaged via any of the Seed and Sew social channels. Refund requests submitted via Instagram or any other social platform will not be processed.

We will not provide refunds more than 30 days following the date of purchase. After day 30, all payments are non-refundable, and you are responsible for full payment of the fees for the program regardless if you complete the program.

All consults purchased are non-refundable. 

We cannot provide refunds on gift cards. In the case of a duplicate purchase, please contact us at [email protected] to apply the value of the gift card toward other resources.

Subscription Cancelation. The Village Membership is a subscription-based service, renewing monthly or annually depending on your sign up purchase. There are no refunds for The Village Membership. You can cancel your subscription individually at any time or email [email protected] at least 10 days prior to your renewal charge for assistance canceling your subscription. If you email within 10 days of the renewal charge, Seed and Sew cannot guarantee a cancelation prior to the upcoming charge. When a subscription is canceled access to both Seed and Sew courses in The Village Membership, the private portal, weekly live Q&As, bonus materials, expert Q&As, and Village Engagement Platform will be revoked immediately.

Chargebacks. You agree to make every attempt to request a refund prior to attempting a chargeback or to dispute the charges with your financial institution. In the event of a chargeback attempt, you expressly agree to forfeit any and all of our materials afforded to you in exchange for your original purchase of our Resource(s). We reserve the right to present proof of your access and these Terms to the financial institution investigating the dispute.

Sharing Resources. Our resources are intended for use in a single household within the 12 months that you have access to each of our resources. Sharing Seed and Sew resources by methods including but not limited to distribution of passwords and login information, distribution of course booklets and downloadable materials, and purchasing with the intention of sharing resources with friends or family members is expressly prohibited. Anyone found to be sharing Seed and Sew resources will have access to all course materials immediately revoked and will forfeit the 30-day money-back guarantee. Selling login information or downloadable materials is also prohibited. 

Email Support. Our free email customer support is available to help you choose a course or resource; point you in the direction of a helpful Instagram post, help article, or podcast; answer straightforward clarification questions about resources you’ve purchased; or provide brief advice to customers for simple, straightforward situations. Our email support is not intended for detailed troubleshooting, ongoing 1-on-1 support, or customizing plans for your family. For that more intensive support, we have phone consults with our sleep and emotional development consultants available for purchase a la carte.

Phone Consult No Shows. Your Consultant will make 3 attempts to contact you at the phone number you specify (or via the method agreed upon). Please note: Your Consultant may call you from a blocked/private number. If you do not answer after the 3rd attempt, your appointment will be canceled as a No Show. You acknowledge that if you are a No Show, you will only be eligible to be refunded 50% of the cost of your paid consult. If you are a No Show for a prepaid phone consult, your prepaid consult will be marked as used, and you will be required to purchase a phone consult if you would like one in the future.

Not for Medical Use. You acknowledge and agree that the Products and Services are not intended for or certified for medical use. Seed and Sew makes no warranty or representation that the use of the Products or Services (with or without any third-party product or service) or the information provided to you by our Services or any Content found on the Services constitutes medical treatment or medical advice. Seed and Sew’s customer care and support contacts cannot be considered a medical resource. If you have an emergency or a medical concern, it is your responsibility to seek medical assistance. You agree to consult your pediatrician and follow the guidelines set forth by the American Association of Pediatrics before purchasing or beginning any of our online courses or resources.

Upon purchase, you agree to the Seed and Sew Terms and Conditions.



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