It takes a village.

Meet the Seed & Sew Team

We believe in a world where...

... we can feel our feelings without drowning in them.
... we aren’t scared of a feeling because we know we can process it.
... we show up with empathy.
... we can acknowledge our insecurities without tearing someone else down.
... we have respect for one another’s bodies and emotions.
... it’s okay to cry, and where others won’t try and stop it out of fear or discomfort.
... we are responsible for our own regulation.
... we all have people we can break down to, who collaboratively help us process the hard stuff.
... we all have tools to help us find our calm.
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Hey there, I'm Alyssa Blask Campbell. 

I'm a teacher, parent, and an emotional development expert with a masters degree in early childhood education. I co-created of the Emotion Process method, researching across the country.

"I'm on a mission to change the ways adults experience children’s emotions so we can respond with intention to raise emotionally intelligent humans."

I'm here to help you shift how you perceive your children's emotions, learning your own triggers, trends, and patterns. My goal isn't to hand you a fish, it's to give you a fishing pole. Let's create an emotionally intelligent world together.

We are a village of  teachers, parents, caregivers
& community members invested in children’s
foundations for navigating this world.