Understanding Impulse Control with Dr. Lockhart

voices of your village Nov 05, 2020

Hello and welcome back to another episode of Voices of Your Village! Today on Episode 145 I got to hang out with Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart to chat about all things impulse control. So often we want children to control their impulses and have self-regulation skills, but how often are we even doing this as adults? How often do we reach the end of our rope and we react instead of responding, but expect kids to respond with intention every time? In this episode, Dr. Lockhart and I dove into the research, what to expect at different ages and stages, as well as how to support and cultivate regulation skills.


“What is developmentally appropriate and how can we respond with intention?”


I am excited to share this with y’all because we have gotten so many questions in our Facebook group pertaining to this subject that all kept coming back to the central question: “Does a child have the impulse control not to do that in the moment?” 


Before we dive in— if you are struggling with sleep from Daylight Savings Time or beyond, come on over to our sleep courses at SeedandSew.org to find the sleep course that is right for your child’s age group. We are so happy to support you on this journey! Alright, without further ado, let’s dive into today’s episode!


Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart is the president and owner of A New Day Pediatric Psychology and the mom of two kiddos, who I love to follow over on the ‘gram. Dr. Lockhart’s goal is to help parents better understand their kids and to love parenting, because it is not always pleasant but it can be really rewarding. 


“We can’t connect unless we feel safe and secure.”


Dr. Lockhart and I jumped right into answering all of your questions about impulse control. We covered this topic from top to bottom, from our neurological processes at play to tangible steps we can take to combat impulse control in ourselves and our tiny humans.


“Let’s give our kids permission to have an off day, or an off moment.”


To find more of Dr. Lockhart, you can reach her on her personal account @dr.annlouise.lockhart on Instagram or at her A New Day Pediatric Psychology account @anewdaypsych. For her free downloadables and resources for parents including webinars and upcoming events, head over to her website right here!


As always, come find me @Seed.and.Sew on Instagram or in our Facebook group to continue this conversation. I always want to hear from you, what tools from this episode are you most looking forward to implementing the next time you tackle impulse control with your little one? Come let me know! Remember babe, you are not alone on this journey.


Until next time,





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