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Setting Boundaries with Adults


00:00:00    Alyssa:

You're listening to Voices of Your Village, this is episode 203. In this episode I got to hang out with my friend Xavier Dagba to chat about setting boundaries with adults, as adults. Gosh this is a hot one as we come into some holiday time for folks, a lot of family time, but really it's a hot one for all the time. What does this look like? What comes up for us from our childhood, and our social programming and our patterns and habits when we set boundaries with other adults. I know that it can be super loaded and I'm jazzed to share this episode with you, Xavier is a fantastic follow on Instagram as well if you want to head over...

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Why Kids Lie and How to Respond

00:00:04    Alyssa

You're listening to Voice of Your Village, this is episode 193. In this episode we're chatting about why kids lie, what's the driver behind it, and how do we respond in a way that's emotionally supportive and truly gets at the root of it. For many of us lying can bring up triggers from our own childhood, social programing, and maybe what we learned about lying or experiences we had around lying. We'll chat about how this might come up and what to do about those parts, and how to tend to those parts of yourself so that you can show up for the tiny human in front of you. Alright folks, let's dive in. 


00:00:04    Alyssa

Welcome to Voices...

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